Singular Projects
Peace Bridge 6
Bridge (Calgary, Canadá)

In Arc Steel detailing we are able to develop all kinds of bridges, including pre-camber and extravagant shapes.

One example about our bridges is the project “Peace Bridge” in Calgary (Canada), a new pedestrian bridge designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, which connects the north coast to the center, making it easier for Calgarians commute in and out from town.

The Peace Bridge has a helix design. It was designed with no pillars or vertical elements on the riverbed and covered in glass, it required a different approach. The bridge has a 130 m long and a single tranche. It offers two separate paths, for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Peace Bridge is a complex project because it tubular shape and irregular structure, so we had to work with new and advanced design methods. The coatings were imported to Tekla Structures to ensure that the reference points were optimal.

All steel plates were numbered and named to identify each 3D assembly with its cutting plates. Folding marks and details of the bevels were shown accurately.The tagging process work required prefix codes, which were filtered in reports and charts to finally get the expected outcome.

This project is a great example to show the capabilities of Tekla as a solution to very complex structures, including those with have a significant amount of boiler and welding work.

Building (New York, EEUU)

This structure is located in Lower Manhattan, New York, where the Twin Towers stood.

The WTC HUB is one of the best examples of collaborative work between the technical office and external collaboration.

A great number of teams worked in this project of the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. By using key levels and the concept of multi-user, the factory worked simultaneously with multiple computers from different parts of the world.

Technically, this work breaks with convention, with curved and elliptical contours and swivels on some of huge metal ribs. There were some stringent tolerances so we had to apply excesses in order counteract the effect of the welding shop.

The building is divided into two pavilions 150 meters high that will be extended with a glass cover and steel frame. The underground lobby, mezzanine, and platform levels will be mostly vertical columns giving a sense of openness and movement.

Another of the peculiarities of this project is the variety of materials used, the progressive variation on the size of key elements to parallel alignments, and their corresponding pre-camber that we had to divert from the starting plans.

This project allowed us to adapt both metric and imperial systems, as different North American standards, the OSHA.

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