Industrial Projects
REPSOL Refinery
Refinería Repsol (Cartagena, España)
Refinery (Cartagena, España)

In Arc Steel detailing we developed 1500 Tons of light-weight structure in modeling packages between 20 to 300 Tons to several clients. The engineering requirements entailed constantly reports and modifications.

We did an efficiently management of the documentation and we also did some revisions during the year and a half that comprised the project.

The screw connections were given by the engineering and were tailored to each individual case. Engineers were able to check the complex connections rotating the model and generating screenshots for subsequent design modifications.

We paid special attention to the circular platforms. It is a hard work to create the intricate connections railings, stairs and main structures. Shop drawings showed in a millimeter view the bolts and welds configuration to adjust each piece in place.

In this refinery, we performed the modeling and calculation of structures of:
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Hydrocracker.
  • Cooker.
  • Atmospheric units .
  • Desulfurization of hydrogen plants
Superporto Itaguaí (Brasil)
Mining (Itaguaí, Río de Janeiro, Brasil)

In Arc Steel detailing we are able to develop, calculate, model and design all kinds of mining infrastructures.

With 52 hectares and 21 meters depth, the Superporto do Sudeste is the largest park storage of iron storage in the world, with 800 meters of mooring in its dock.

It is characterized by having a storage capacity of 2,500 tons of material and with an annual capacity of mobilization of 100 million tons.

The investment of this infrastructure was around 2,145 million dollars. Nowadays, there are about 3,000 people working on the construction project, which become operational during 2013.

In Arc Steel detailingwe perform the calculation and modeling of different structures of the port:

  • Main building ore discharge
  • Operating Torres
  • Counterweight Galleries
  • Conveyor belts coke material
Termosolar "La Africana"
Energy (Córdoba, España)

In Arc Steel detailing we have also made big projects in plants and power stations.

In this case, we performed the detailed engineering structures and the buildings of the solar thermal plant “The African” in the province of Cordoba in Spain.

The typology of this station was characterized by pre-sent a solar tracker with a mobile parabolic cylindrical technology with two axes.

In this project we carried out the detailed engineering of the following buildings:
  • Building degasser
  • Turbine Ship
  • Main Electrical Building
  • Exchangers
  • Expansion tanks
  • Tanks overflow
  • Heaters
  • Decanter
  • Rack heating
  • Water Pumps
  • HTF (Thermal Fluid Analysis)

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