Proyectos civiles
Hospital Virgen del Camino, Pamplona

Hospital (Pamplona, España)

In Arc Steel detailing we perform the design and calculation of the metal structure of the extension of the Virgen del Camino hospital in Pamplona, Navarra.

This project was marked by the construction of three floors topped by a curved enclosure to provide structural strength to the building.

The work was carried out in an existing building, that is why we had to calculate each of the steps in detail because it was necessary that the new structure fitted without problems in the old one.

One of the difficulties was the fact that we allow that the work was executed without daily hospital activity was affected at any time.

Viaduct (Galicia, España)

In Arc Steel Detailing develop all kinds of bridges and walkways.

We detail the most common orthotropic plate viaducts, formed by horizontal stiffeners and trapezoidal ribs.

Besides, we elaborate more complicated structures, geometrically complex, all of them with pre-camber and thickness according to the cross sections designed on the project.

In this case we took part in the detailed engineering of the Viaduct over the River Ulla in the Atlantic axis high-speed, mixed with a lattice of 240 meter of span. This bridge will hold the world record for the central span, beating Nautenbach bridge in Germany (208 m span)

Its structural typology is characterized by a mixed lattice of variable depth in the five main spans, with double composite action on areas of negative action.

Its total length is 1621 meters, a width of 14 meters and a board of 20,000 tons of steel and parts up to 17.5 meters of singing.

In Arc Steel detailing, we performed the detailed engineering of the opening number five.


Football Arena Trípoli
Football Stadium (Misurata, Libia)

In Arc Steel detailing we develop modeling projects about sports stadiums and sports installations. One of our projects is the Arena soccer stadium in Tripoli, Libya.

The esthetics and functionality was aimed at the durability of the coating of walls and roofs, as well as its modular construction. This stadium is a symbol of design and construction technologies that will help us carry out such facilities.

In this case we performed the modeling and the draws of the stadium structure. It was very useful to use the accessories provided by Tekla multi-materials to offer our customers a complete structure.

The contract included the supply of everything related to the primary structure of the concrete except for the excavation work. We model all the pre-slabs and the steel structure, including the concrete that is going to be used to measure the volume and rethink the complex geometry for prefabricated positioning it correctly on the metal structure.
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